Aspects of the Political Economy of Crop Incomes in India

Biplab Sarkar, V.k Ramachandran

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"Biplab Sarkar (left) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Indian Statistical
Institute, Bangalore. His current research interests include issues related
to agricultural output and input prices, methodological issues in the
calculation of cost of cultivation, and economics of household farming
in India.V. K. Ramachandran is Professor of economics, Indian Statistical
Institute, Bangalore, and National Fellow, Indian Council of Social
Science Research. He is Editor of the Review of Agrarian Studies.Madhura Swaminathan (right) is Professor at the Economic Analysis
Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, and Chairperson of the
M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, a center for research on
sustainable agriculture and rural development. Her research interest
includes development economics, economics of inequality, rural
development, economics of food and food security, agrarian studies,
and labor economics."
Seiten (von - bis)392-413
FachzeitschriftWorld Review of Political Economy
PublikationsstatusPublished - 2014


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