On the Thought of Kang You-Wei' s Utopian Socialism

Enfu Cheng, 汪 桂进

Publikation: ArticleBegutachtung


:I n this paper , the o rigins, essence and influence of the thoughts of Kang You -Wei' s Utopian Socialism are discussed ske tchily .His thoughts of Utopian Socialism o riginated from the“ Doctrine of Three Stag es”in The Spring and Autumn Annals, The Book of Rites, and philosophy and Utopian Socialism in western w orld .Kang You -Wei' s Utopian Socialism thoughts such as w orld state , democracy , ownership, distribution , economy adjustment, family ,
marriage, equality o f the sexes are analysized. In our view point , Kang You -Wei , unlike Hong Xiu -Quan and Sun Zhong -Shan , was not only the earliest Utopicm Socialist in the recent history of China , but also one of the greatest
Utopian Socialists in the world .His socialism thoughts have the ro les ag ainst feudalison , some socialism theo ries and policies are in acco rdance with the trend of history .However , Kang You -Wei' s socialism thoughts are Utopian becausehe looked foreward to achieving his recent and terminal goals with the aid of enlig htened emperor and bourgeoisie.
Titel in Übersetzung论康有为的空想社会主义思想
OriginalspracheChinese (Simplified)
Seiten (von - bis)68-71
PublikationsstatusPublished - 2000


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