On the Thought of Kang You-Wei' s Utopian Socialism

Enfu Cheng, 汪 桂进

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:I n this paper , the o rigins, essence and influence of the thoughts of Kang You -Wei' s Utopian Socialism are discussed ske tchily .His thoughts of Utopian Socialism o riginated from the“ Doctrine of Three Stag es”in The Spring and Autumn Annals, The Book of Rites, and philosophy and Utopian Socialism in western w orld .Kang You -Wei' s Utopian Socialism thoughts such as w orld state , democracy , ownership, distribution , economy adjustment, family ,
marriage, equality o f the sexes are analysized. In our view point , Kang You -Wei , unlike Hong Xiu -Quan and Sun Zhong -Shan , was not only the earliest Utopicm Socialist in the recent history of China , but also one of the greatest
Utopian Socialists in the world .His socialism thoughts have the ro les ag ainst feudalison , some socialism theo ries and policies are in acco rdance with the trend of history .However , Kang You -Wei' s socialism thoughts are Utopian becausehe looked foreward to achieving his recent and terminal goals with the aid of enlig htened emperor and bourgeoisie.
Título traduzido da contribuição论康有为的空想社会主义思想
Idioma originalChinese (Simplified)
Páginas (de-até)68-71
Número de emissão4
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 2000

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