Sixty Years of Studies on Marxist Theory in China

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The studies on Marxist theory in New China went through a period of foundation, a period of ossification and stagnation, a period of revival and development, and a period of prosperity and innovation. Great achievements were scored, but in the future development of this work, efforts must be made to continue to strengthen the work of editing, translating, publishing and studying the Marxist classics for a better scientific understanding and treatment of Marxism, constantly summarize the law of development of the studies on Marxist theory and constantly push forward the sinicization of Marxism. We must also constantly extend the fields and increase the depth of the studies on Marxist theory, strive to achieve an organic integration of academic research, policy discussion and publicity, strive to uplift the international field of vision in the studies on Marxist theory, and increase the “Chinese voice” in this field.
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