Developing the Mixed Ownership Economy with Public Capital as the Mainstay of the Economy

Enfu Cheng, Yukun Dong

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The mixed ownership is a type of ownership of property with owners of different
 characteristics.From the individual or micro level,mixed-ownership economy is
composed by joint venture companies with investors of different natures of ownership,
and thus a variety of mixtures of ownerships of state,collective,cooperative,individu-al,private,foreign and etc.,can be regarded as a mixed-ownership.Under the capitalist
 mode of production,the majority of mixed-ownership economy serves mainly as the
equity method and tool for the proliferation of private capital.In Chinas socialist market
 economy,we can use a mixed-ownership economy,but the purpose and form should
be different.Mixed ownership economy is an important form of realization of the basic
socialist economic system,and public capital as the mainstay of mixed-ownership economy
 is an inevitable requirement of socialism.
Переведенное название大力发展公有资本为主体的混合所有制经济
Язык оригиналаChinese (Simplified)
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СостояниеPublished - 2015