Sino-South Korea Economic Growth Characteristic Comparative Analysis

Enfu Cheng, 彭 文兵

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According to a comparative analysis of Sino -South Ko rea(1953-2000)economic grow th characteristic in this paper , we find that there are four similarities on high economic grow th of China and South Ko rea .Firstly , under stronggovernment - oriented circumstance, both countries have adopted economic imbalanced surpass strateg y through hig h saving and investment rate .Secondly, bo th countries have realized industrialization in high economic grow th.Thirdly , during the period o f economic development ,there is a g rea t deal of hig h g rowth rate and volatility phenomenon in economy of both countries .Finally , economic grow th of bothcountries has more and more depended upon ex ternal economy .Suffered from the South Koreafinancial crisis, we have realized that we should turn our quantity -grow th imbalanced strategy to quantity & quality grow th balanceable strategy , and achieve the adjustmentand opening degree of the economic and industrial structure according to our countries' actual condition .
Переведенное название中韩经济增长特征比较分析
Язык оригиналаChinese (Simplified)
Страницы (с-по)30-36
Номер выпуска4
СостояниеPublished - 2003


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