Four Theoretical Hypotheses of Modern Marxist Political Economy

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Theoretical hypotheses constitute the precondition and foundation of scientific research ,including political economy .Therefore , modern Marxist political economy should go deep into theoretical hypothesis to establish essential concepts and unfold a logical narrative , to satisfy the fundamental requirements of a dialogue or debate with modern mainstream Western economics .The theoretical hypotheses of modern Marxist political economy stress a realistic , scientific and dialectical approach , so that it has a stronger theoretical cognition and social construction function .On the basis of maintaining the essential spirit of Marxist political economy and critiquing the hypotheses of modern mainstream Western economics, modern Marxist political economy has put forward four theoretical hypotheses : new living labor creates value ," economic man-self-interest or altruism ," the dual constraints of resources and demand ,"and interlocking and concurrent change in equality and efficiency ."
Переведенное название现代马克思主义政治经济学的四大理论假设
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