Four Theoretical Hypotheses of Modern Marxist Political Economy

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Theoretical hypotheses constitute the precondition and foundation o f scientific research ,including political economy .Therefore , modern Marxist political economy should go deep into theoretical hypothesis to establish essential concepts and unfold a logical narrative , to satisfy the fundamental requirements of a dialogue or debate with modern mainstream Western economics .The theoretical hypotheses of modern Marxist political economy stress a realistic , scientific and dialectical approach , so that i t has a stronger theoretical cognition and social construction function .On the basis of maintaining the essential spirit of Marxist political economy and critiquing the ypotheses of modern main stream Western economics , modern Marxist political economy has put forward four theoretical hypo theses :new living labor creates value , "economic man - self-interest or altruism ,"the dual constraint s of resources and demand ,"and interlocking and concurrent change in equality and efficiency."
Published - 2007


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