On the Dialectical Unity of Marxist Stand, Viewpoint and Method

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One of the unification studies on the totality of Marxism is to elaborate Marxism from the perspective of the dialectical unity of Marxist stand, viewpoint and method. With the Marxist stand as the cornerstone, viewpoint as the core and method as the soul, they are profoundly interconnected and consistent. An ignorance of their consistency is the problem occurring when people try to master Marxism and put it into practice. The viewpoint and method with more scientific nature can more precisely reflect the correct stand of the working class, the working people and all mankind; otherwise they cannot. The more correct the method, the more correct and profound the viewpoint and the more correct the reflected stand. In a class society and a class world, the scientific theories in the humanities and social sciences are consistent with the class character and the nature of the people.
Published - 2013


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